Uncompromising performance, simplicity and safety

GINVE solutions have been developed in java and JavaScript languages with the most recent open sources technologies fully compatible with well renown GIS platforms and in full compliance with the OGC standards.

GINVE.CLOUD is a certified AgID service and is available in the Cloud Marketplace platform.

Database and graphic engine

Geo-spatial data are managed by GeoServer, a powerful open-source engine designed with a high inter-operable standard and enables the publishing of any source of data using standard open criteria.
GINVE servers offer the best performance, scalability, and reliability. Thanks to Oracle Spatial access to alpha numerical data is always immediate and at the top of performance.
GINVE also supports MySQL GIS, PostGIS and Microsoft SQL Server with related space related extensions.
Maps can be visualized on the most famous web browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari e Opera) and managed by OpenLayer, an open-source library used worldwide via BSD license.


GINVE.CLOUD imports and exports originally in QGIS and QFIELD granting full compatibility and the chance of returning managed data directly to GINVE.
Users can export all data directly from GINVE.CLOUD in GEOPACKAGE, SHAPE, KML, GEOJSON, GML2, GML3, JSONP and CSV formats.
In addition to this the availability of API’s REST endpoints grant inter-operability with operating systems used by public authorities to allow direct queries to different GINVE.CLOUD dataset.

At the end of the task, users can still access data through GINVE.SDO on premise platform with no interruptions and no additional costs.
GINVE can be used via internet as SaaS service (Software As A Service) or via intranet and is compatible with Unix/Linux server and Microsoft Windows Server.


GINVE technology has been carefully developed to grant high standard of security. Users’ requests are received through TLS and are managed in a transparent way by a Server Proxy that check the identity of each request and forward them to GeoServer to prevent different kind of cyber-attacks such as SQL-Injection, DDoS e Sniffing. Moreover, GINVE servers are protected by the most updated Firewall and anti-intrusion systems and cyber-attacks analysis.

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